Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sensitivity to sunlight

My Aunt (JC) wrote to me telling me of her experience with sunlight sensitivity.

JC said that as a child of 9-10 she was the first in their family to suffer with terrible stomach aches and a severe sensitivity to sunlight. Furthermore since her change of life she is no longer sensitive to sunlight. Aunty J infomed me of the South African world leader in Porphyria: Dr Hift a well known researcher in South Africa had said that losing sun sensitivity after change of life can happen as a normal course of this disease.

My Aunt said that her mother (my maternal grandmother) only became sensitive to sunlight in her early 40's. I remember my grandmother suffering from terrible "nerve pains" which she complained of consistently most of the time I knew her.


  1. Morning from South Africa
    Variegate Porphyria has been in our family for generations. I could handle the sun better in my youth; I could even enjoyed controlled sun bathing/tanning. However I can't do it anymore, I get the most severe rash that lasts for days... I had to stop playing tennnis as well; my sun sensitivity got worse with me getting older... Dr.Richard Hift is now in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Prof Peter Meissner is still at UCT (University of Cape Town)

  2. Dear Zelia, Thank your for your comment and your update on Dr. Hift and Prof Meissner. Best wishes also for your condition. Hope you are getting enough Vitamin D your sensitivity to sun as I assume you don't go out in the sun as much as you used to. Regards Cyn